Delta 10 THC

Bonded on the 10th “THC” carbon chain (vs. 8th for D8, 9th for D9), our newest cannabinoid to bring to market is Delta 10 THC.  With similar effects as Delta 8 THC, D10 in its natural state is known to produce more sativa-like psychoactive effects with many users describing it as a “heady high” and great mood booster.  Because Delta 10 THC is considered only as potent or even slightly less than Delta 8 THC, Wholesale CBD Flower has focused its attention on manufacturing only a few high quality Delta 10 THC products with maximum potency and total cannabinoid content.
Delta 10 Flower Wholesale
Since the introduction of the unique cannabinoid to the hemp industry, Wholesale CBD Flower has provided numerous retailers with high quality Delta-10 THC products. We have a strong supply of numerous products that are perfect for those looking to include Delta-10 in their store’s product selection. Choose from options such as moon rocks, edibles, flower, concentrates, and more. A popular reccomendation is our Delta-10 Asteroids, aka white moon rocks! These are known for the intense combination of multiple potent cannabinoids into one super strong and sticky nug!

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