Concentrates are any industrial hemp derived product that has been processed through extraction to have a high “concentration” of a specific cannabinoid.  Our tolling facility is a closed-loop, spark-free environment with proper ventilation and follows all applicable local fire, safety and building codes.  Our parts per million (PPM) for 1 gram of our extracts never exceed 500 PPM of residual solvent or gas when QA tested.  Most recently, we’ve focused our processing operations on high THC hemp dabs, available multiple cannabinoids.
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Concentrates and Extracts are one of the most popular types of products in the hemp industry. They are one of the best ways to experience the true benefits that hemp and the cannabinoids derived from it can offer. In their concentrated forms, cannabinoids like delta-8 offer an unmatched potency that people love. Shop our selection of lab tested bulk concentrates and extracts below!

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