Bulk TryptoGlubez Gummies (New!)


Looking to space out, bend the mind a bit, and relax?

Try out our new TryptoGlubez!

Now available in bulk, TryptoGlubez are our new line of gummies that are infused with a proprietary blend of naturally extracted and legal minor tryptamines.

What are Tryptamines?

Tryptamines are a group of compounds that interact with your brain in interesting ways, often leading to what some liken to psychedelic experiences. These compounds can alter perception, mood, and consciousness, sometimes resulting in profound experiences.

Key Things to Know:

  • 1. These do not contain any Cannabinoids!
    • Effects will be drastically different from our cannabinoid based products.
    • Do NOT go into these expecting a similar experience as our Delta-10 Gummies, for example.
  • 2. The effects on these are very light, however when eaten in multiples will exaggerate quickly.
    • Remember, you can always take more, but you can never take less.
    • Start with ONE gummy, wait an hour, and gauge your bodies response.
  • 3. Be mindful of your headspace and environment.
    • Due to the nature of the interaction these minor tryptamines may have on you, it’s imperative that you respect them. In larger doses, you may have a jarring experience.
    • Set and Setting are extremely important to avoid negative reactions.
  • 4. Do NOT Operate Any Machinery.
    • Tryptoglubez may alter your perception and reaction time.
    • Be responsible and do not operate any machinery within 8 hours of consumption.


Dosing Information

Dose: 12MG Tryptamines per Gummy
Guide: Eat ONE gummy. Wait an hour to gauge effects. Repeat for desired effects.


Type:  Multi-Flavored Gummies Infused With Natural Supplemental Tryptamines
Flavor: Blue Raspberry & Pineapple
Quantity:  200, 500, 1000, or 2000 Gummies

Third Party Test Results

Click Here for full test results.

Packaging Information

We carefully place all quantities of gummies in a pharmaceutical grade CLEAR mylar bag that’s heat sealed for freshness and to omit any odors.  A 2×5 inch label with QR code and nutritional information is affixed to the bag then placed into a bubble wrap pouch and inserted into the appropriate mailer, envelope or box.

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Malik H.E.
Great sleep aids

They are excellent for sleep.

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