Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks have been a cannabis consumer favorite for years and really exploded in popularity when companies like Wholesale CBD Flower started rolling out hemp-derived versions of this infused delicacy.  Although recipes vary between manufacturers, our team of production staff only use the most premium CBD and CBG Hemp Flowers.  Once selected, these choice buds are dipped in Hash Oil then rolled in Kief.  Our most recent batch of CBD Moon Rocks and CBG Moon Rocks tested over 40% CBD and 27% CBG respectively, both with less than 0.3% total THC.  As of 2021, we now offer Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC infused hemp Moon Rocks as well.

Wholesale Delta-8 & CBD Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are one of the more popular items in the hemp industry. Following the pop culture that followed traditional cannabis moon rocks, hemp derived moon rocks are a hit among customers, both old and new. At Wholesale CBD Flower, we supply a variety of extremely potent moon rocks. We offer CBD, CBG, Delta-8, Delta-10, and other cannabinoid infused moon rocks. These are great options for those looking to increase average order value due to the appeal they have when priced appropriately.

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