FRESH HARVEST ALERT: 24% Paradise OG, Durban Potion #2, Trophy Wife, CBG Flower and more…

New batches of CBD Flower will be available starting on Monday September 30th.  Our team of farmers have been working very hard this grow season to improve overall quality and potency.  We’re excited to share some of these new strains with you!

Paradise OG – 24% CBD:  Our highest testing CBD flower to date!  Grown at our farm in Las Vegas that will soon be open to the public for cultivation tours and more… (Click to view test results)

Durban Potion #2 – 16.5% CBD:  Durban Potion Autoflowers are back for a second season.  We’ve achieved higher potency and a larger, denser bud structure.  
(Click to view test results)

Trophy Wife – 18.8% CBD:  A new varietal we are excited roll out.  Cultivated in our greenhouse, expect an ultra-premium strain with flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids.  (Click to view test results)

CBG Flower – 17% CBGCannabigerol has been a much talked about topic this year.  We are excited to have CBG flowers in stock for our wholesale customers!

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