About Us

CBD flower grown in the USA at a licensed hemp farm!


Our CBD flower is cultivated in rural Nevada and Pennsylvania where commercial agriculture has thrived for decades.  Our team of humble hemp farmers have taken extensive measures to produce only "top-shelf" cbd hemp flower products.

Lab Tested "Cannabidiol" CBD flower


Adheres to all Department of Agriculture Hemp pilot program testing requirements of less than 0.3% THC as outlined in the US Farm Bill Sec. 7606.  All CBD flowers undergo a full panel sample test including testing CBD hemp flower for potency, terpenes pesticides, mycotoxins, microbials, heavy metals and moisture.  Rest assured, our CBD flowers are the safest in the cbd hemp flower market.

Advocating CBD Wellness <0.3% THC


Did you know Wellness can now be achieved without the psychoactive effects of THC?  Cannabidiol (CBD) rich products derived from hemp can provide many therapeutic benefits and treatments.  With CBD flower being safe to smoke, vaporize or utilize for extraction, there is a shift in consumers looking to replace high THC products with CBD rich products that promote getting well not high!